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Sharp ER-A420 Cash Register

Sharp ER-A420 Cash Register
Sharp ER-A420 Cash Register
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  • Brand: Sharp
  • Model: ECR-ERA420
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Perfect for small General Merchandise, Convenience, Grocery and Speciality Stores, Sharp's ER-A420 ECR dramatically improves your business.


Designed for the needs of small shops, cafés and restaurants, the ER-A420 and ER-A410 take the work out of money management with special features that help you manage your sales transactions more quickly and accurately. A generous number of PLUs (price look-ups) and Department keys make it easy to enter and track sales.

A unique Price Level Shift function lets you record separate prices for each PLU (price look-up). And dual serial ports let you connect to PCs and other devices simultaneously. All these convenient features add up to greater efficiency for your business.

A brightly lit 2-line LCD display makes it easy to operate the machine, even in low-light environments. It can display up to 16 alphanumeric characters, allowing clerks to view the names of purchased items and other information in an easy-tounderstand fashion.

Featuring thermal printing technology, the ER-A420 and ER-A410 silently print out sales receipts at a speedy rate of about 13.3 lines a second. Printing of graphics, such as a business logo, is also possible. Transactions are recorded onto two separate tape rolls— receipt and journal—for easy sales management.

The spacious cash drawer in these models have five bill compartments and eight coin compartments—more than any competing electronic cash register in this class. When not in use, the drawer can be locked shut, keeping your money safe

Both models come standard with two RS-232 ports for connecting peripherals such as PC or a slip printer. No longer do you have to disconnect one device to use the other

 Standard equipped with 500 PLUs (price look-ups) and expandable up to 1800, these cash registers make entering pricing information a snap. By simply typing in a three-digit code for sale specials, set menus and other popular items, you can total up your sales with increased accuracy and speed. Department keys are also available, allowing you to easily track and analyse sales by product type.

The Price Level Shift function lets you record two different prices for each PLU, making it easy to manage items that vary in price depending on the customer or the time of day—great for lunch specials, senior citizen’s discounts, or items that frequently go on sale. Two operation modes are available: Automatic Return mode for special customer pricing and Lock mode for prices affecting all customers.

 Features & Benefits

  • 20 Departments Standard, 99 Maximum.

  • 500 PLU's Standard, 1800 Maximum.

  • Mix & Match.

  • PLU's 1000 Maximum.

  • Cashiers 20 Maximum.

  • Clerks 20 Maximum.

  • Amount Mark Down 1 Atandard, 4 Maximum.

  • %age Mark Down 1 Standard, 4 Maximum.

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