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Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register

Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register
Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register
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  • Brand: Sharp
  • Model: ECR-XEA307
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The clear, backlit, 5- or 8-line, 160 x 64-dot LCD operator display featured on the XE-A307 provides high visibility.

It can display up to 20 alphanumeric characters, allowing clerks to view items, prices, and other information even in low-light environments.

  • Large, Easy-to-View Multi-Line LCD Operator Display with Tilt Mechanism.

  • Built-in SD Card Slot for Easy Transfer of Sales Data to a PC and Programme Backup.

  • 10,000 PLU's (Price Look-Ups) Comes as Standard.

  • Electronic Journal can be Displayed On-Screen for Convenience.

  • Fast and Quiet 2-Station Drop-In Thermal Printer.

  • Quick and Accurate Sales Registration with the Optional Barcode Scanner.

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