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TM-4 NVR Kit 4-Channel Network Video Recorder Camera Kit


TM-4 NVR Kit 4-Channel Network Video Recorder Camera Kit

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  • 1080p 2MP 4-Channel IP POE Kit
  • 4x 25m 2MP Sony Exmor IP Cameras Included
  • 4x POE Built-in: NVR powers the camera
  • Watch on your phone instantly - just scan the secure QR code
  • 1x S-ATA (1x HDD) up to 4TB

  • A truly Plug 'n' Play system. Set up within minutes!

    The POE system allows you to just connect one CAT5e cable (20m cable included) from the NVR to the IP Camera. This will carry the power as well as video, making installs much quicker and easier. Once connected, the NVR will automatically add the camera.

    After all cameras have been connected, simply scan the unique and secure QR code on the NVR using the TM-NVR application (available on iPhone, iPad & Android) and watch instantly, anywhere in the world. It cannot get more simple than this!

    Four 2MP 1080p Full HD cameras are included. They can be used indoors/outdoors and have a night vision range of up to 25m.

    The kit contains everything you need including 4x 20m CAT5e cables for each camera and 1x 2m CAT5e cable to connect the NVR to your router.

    The cameras are also compatible with the TM-E2 BA junction box base in which you can hide the cable connectors. This metal base sits on the back of the camera, offering a cleaner and more elegant finish instead of using a junction box next to the camera.

    Kit is available in White or Dark Grey.


    • H.264 Compression
    • 4x 25m 2MP Sony Exmor IP Cameras Included
    • 4-Channel NVR
    • 4x POE Built-in
    • HDMI, VGA Outputs (1x HDMI & 1x VGA)
    • 1x S-ATA (1x HDD) up to 4TB
    • Recording Resolutions: 1080p, 720, D1, 2CIF, CIF
    • Up to 4 Channels Playback
    • iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile apps available
    • E-mail Notification
    • Motion Detection
    • 1x Audio Output
    • 4x Alarm Input
    • 2x Alarm Output
    • VMS & Web Client for remote connection
    • Archiving: save to USB, to PC or to Remote PC
    • PTZ Control
    • Dual Stream
    • VMS up to 128 Channels
    • System Log for all user activities
    • Smart Backup by USB & FTP
    • Hard Drive Monitoring
    • Log Reporting
    • Instant Playback
    • Time Search
    • Masking Zones
    • Compatible with Internet Explorer
    • Compatible with Windows
    • RS-232 / RS-485 Interface
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Mouse included
    • 4x 20m CAT5e & 1x 2m CAT5e Included

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